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What the June 26th BTC crash tells us about market structure
On Wednesday, June 28, Crypto exchange Coinbase had a brief outage (both their API and website) and Bitcoin promptly crashed18% over the next 15 minutes.
Libra, China’s digital currency should be a wake up call
There was an interesting subtext that came out of the Congressional testimonies around and about Libra that I believe is not getting the attention and focus it deserves.
What is an OEMS?
OEMS stands for Order Execution Management System. It functions as a technology that allows traders to manage orders and execute trades.
Is Defi Too Good To Be True?
I keep seeing people tweeting about or talking to me about wanting to put their money into high interest rate deposits on DeFi platforms.
Tiger Trading Adds Gemini as an Execution Venue
Gemini's institutional grade technology and services fit nicely with Tiger's vision to bring retail traders access to the world's most critical exchanges.
Tiger Trading Announces Addition of Alan Keegan as Chief Strategy Officer
Before joining Tiger Trading, Alan was co-founder of a trade execution startup for crypto assets that focused on solutions for improved liquidity and a vision to help shape this emerging system. Previously, Alan worked at Bridgewater Associates in Westport CT.