C/C++ Software Engineer - Algorithmic Trading

We are looking for a Software Engineer to work on High Frequency Trading systems utilizing his advanced knowledge in mathematics and computer science to develop top level algorithmic trading software. We are looking for young, bright, highly-motivated candidates to join our team. Candidates should be excellent systems programmers in C/C++, eager to push computing technology to its limits, consider long-term commitment to working in the company, be comfortable with keeping deadlines, multitasking and wearing different hats.

Our requirements are the following

  • Should be professional in C / C++ / STL. Experience in network, parallel/distributed, multithreaded programming would be a plus
  • Highly qualified MSc and or PhD graduates from respectful universities graduated CS, Math and Physics
  • Related work experience is a benefit but not mandatory
  • Must be proficient in Unix, Linux, and/or BSD programming
  • Scripts: Bash, Awk, Perl, Python
  • Linux kernel programming and/or device driver development knowledge would be a big plus
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to communicate effectively in English is essential

We Offer

  • Fixed salary (Competitive Base)
  • Annual bonuses

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